Question-Answer-Relationship is a strategy that can easily be applied to the vocal music classroom.  During the process of sight reading music, students can be asked to find an element in the music or can be asked to infer what might happen. For example, in the melody below, the composer wrote the following melody for a song titled, “I Remember”.  I had my students learn the first phrase with syllables, singing several times with both the text and the syllables.  

Then, I asked the students how they though the melody would end.  I left the final note off of my excerpt on the board. Students offered their ideas and we sang the ending first with s-m-d, s-m-r, s-m-s, s-m-l, and s-m-d’.  The students then voted on which one they thought sounded what the composer might have done and gave reasons why, using the text and previous phrase as references.

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