Octavo Tour

This variation of a Chapter Tour helps students learn how to read a choral octavo.  Because of all the information contained in a choral octavo, it is helpful for students to identify elements they find before learning the piece of music.  This is a variation of reviewing the text and finding clues to discover meaning.  

Students benefit from learning how to interpret the information in the musical score, and it improves comprehension.  By looking at text, symbols, and musical notation, students can begin to interpret the score.  

PROCEDURE (begin by explaining and modeling):

1. Ask students to look at the octavo.  Call on those who can identify things they know already.  

2. Ask students to find clues that may help them better understand the score.  Ask students to identify the key, meter, tempo, language, style, form, etc. and write their responses in their journal or separate worksheet.

4. Ask students if there any notes or phrases that repeat or look similar or identical or iif there are any unfamiliar words or symbols.  

5. Based on what they already know, can they “hear” the music in their head? Do they have an idea what the contour of the melody is and can they draw it on the board or on their paper?

6. Ask students to read along with their finger as the teacher plays and sings the song, either live or by using a recording. 

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