"When I heard the music it made pictures in my head.” Walt Disney

The best musicians and conductors in the world visualize the sounds they hear. These visual prompts can help students comprehend the meaning of the text in ways words alone cannot convey. 

Good readers create visual images or pictures in their minds as they are reading. Visualizing helps enhance a student’s comprehension and memory of the text. Texts that evoke strong emotion so often do so because readers can picture a particular situation. ("SDE: Beyond the Blueprint: Literacy in Grades 4-12," n.d.)


1.Teachers models how to visualize text, either with examples or by drawing. 

2. Teacer reads text of a song and asks students to visualize as they listen. Ask students what pictures they saw inside their heads and how they would describe those verbally. Discuss which words or ideas helped them create those pictures.

3. Students write or verbalize what they can about their visualized image or picture.

4. Students expalin how pictures help them understand the story. 

5. Teacher stresses the importance of visually imagery for understanding and memorization of songs. 

The examples below can help students understand how music and texts of songs can be visualized.